Group of mums and babies

Five-Week Course

What You Need To Know

How much does it cost? 

£190 for a five week course. (8 1/2 hours total).

You may bring with you one extra person free of charge (this may be your spouse, partner, relation or birthing partner).  

What will be covered in the workshops? 

We will cover all practical aspects of preparing for, birthing and taking care of your new family member. However, workshops will also provide you with the confidence to research and make your own parenting choices, from how you will feed your baby, to what nappies you chose to buy. We focus on offering non-judgemental information and providing you with the confidence you need to make your own choices and decisions. We will also be on hand throughout your journey, to answer any questions even after your workshops are completed. 

When are the workshops? 

Workshops currently take place on Wednesday evenings, 7.00pm – 8.45pm.

When can I book? 

Workshops be booked at any time during your pregnancy, as long as you are 26 weeks pregnant or over at the time of participating in the workshop. 

Where are the workshops? 

Workshops take place at Toft Country House Hotel in Bourne.