Breastfeeding Shopping List!

Planning to breastfeed?

Here is a handy list of items that you might want to think about if you are preparing to breastfeed.

– Nipple cream (Lanolin) Superdrug have an alternative cheaper option.

– Naturebond/haaka

– If planning to pump, an electric Medela Swing Pump

– Cheap T-shirts and strappy tops so you can have ‘one up, one down.’ Seraphine also do some lovely feeding tops if you are out and about.

– Multi mam patches

– A thermos to keep your tea hot

– A nursing pillow

– Bolero and fluffy socks if you are getting out of bed for night feeds

– Breast pads

– A decent, wired nursing cover to help you feel confident breastfeeding in public

– Get properly fitted for a nursing bra. Check out Molke!

– Comfy, bralette style tops for night feeding or to wear instead of nursing bra if you prefer

– A Netflix Subscription

– Chocolate and cake!

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